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Construction sites pose plenty of risks, both for humans and the environment. Our health, safety and environment (HSE) management ensures that legal regulations and safety standards are observed.

As part of our comprehensive HSE management, we will assign one of our HSE managers or teams to assist you throughout the whole project. They will offer expert and targeted advice during the planning phase and construction period, and even once the project is completed. The implemented HSE system will be evaluated constantly during this time, and you will receive comprehensive documentation of the results of the measures involved.

In us you will find a reliable partner with global and extensive experience in the field of occupational health and safety. Our specially trained employees will help you implement your construction project in a safe, legally compliant and successful way.

HSE management helps you optimize the processes in your construction project and make gains in terms of effectiveness, quality, safety and time. You can make sure that you stick to your construction schedule while also reducing costs. Potential safety flaws and hazardous situations are identified in time and remedied with suitable safety measures. This allows you to avoid work accidents and interruptions to construction.

Benefit from our HSE management expertise

Our specially trained experts have extensive international experience of construction projects. They have the necessary expertise, physical abilities and great social skills. When assisting your construction projects, they are aware of the smallest safety details without losing sight of the whole. Thanks to support from the back office on topics such as changes to the law, construction processes or safety requirements, our experts are always up to date.

You want to improve construction site safety and would like to learn more about our HSE management? Make an appointment with our experts today!