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Rapid technological developments and large scale mechanization in Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering Industries, Construction Activities, etc. have resulted in complex safety & health problems in these industries. Hence these industries need the services of qualified safety professionals exclusively to take care of various safety and health aspects of their personnel/other persons who are likely to be affected by any adverse effects arising from these Industries.

 Aim of this Course
  • To induce lifelong learning knowledge skills, attitudes for social & personal development.
  • To provide trained Human Resource.
  • To provide leadership qualities.
  • To create awareness of “The Quality of Life Protection” through Safety, Health, and Environment.
  • To create awareness of hazards & operational hazards.
  • To assist in the development of new methods & processes of Safety, Health and Environment skills, and analytical techniques.
  • To develop managerial abilities and analytical skills, training, communicate with the community and interaction with government and statutory authorities
  • To train the people concerned.