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“MEP” stands for “Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing” a type of engineering which focuses on the disciplines needed to build safe, working structures for human use and occupation. The mechanical aspect focuses on heating, cooling, and ventilation, and the electrical aspect focuses on providing power to all outlets and appliances. The plumbing aspect focuses on the delivery of water and the draining of wastewater.

What is M.E.P?

The mechanical part is also known as HVAC (HEATING VENTILATION AND AIR-CONDITIONING). It is COVERED the installation and maintenance of air conditioning, heating, and ventilation, meaning changing filters and installing furnaces, along with air conditioners. When necessary, it also handles tasks such as smoke control and exhaust

The electrical part has COVERED THE outlets and appliances AS WELL AS lighting, switches, fire alarms, security systems, as well as lightning protection when necessary.

The plumbing COVERED THE SUPPLY of water, draining of wastewater, fire suppression systems, and storm pipe systems, as well as gas delivery systems in medical and laboratory settings.

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