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Electrical Safety Training Course

The business world is undergoing dynamic changes. Traditional jobs are disappearing and new ones are emerging. The need for technical know-how and skilled professionals is greater than ever before and continues to increase worldwide.

And one such technical expertise is in the domain of Electrical Safety at the workplace, For those professionals working with electrical products, it is imperative that they are aware of electrical safety standards. Electrical Safety at the workplace is subject to a regulatory and legal framework and this might differ from country to country. To ensure compliance and promote high safety standards, those working in a high-risk electrical environment must acquire a recognized Electrical Safety qualification.

Standard Institute Electrical Safety Training Program has been designed to introduce learners to the subject and raise awareness about safe working practices and regulatory responsibilities. The course trains professionals on Electrical Health and Safety and qualifies them to handle electrical components as per standard safety norms.

The Training Program is Designed for:

  • Front end Engineers & Supervisors who handle Safety, Maintenance, Production & Projects
  • Professionals who are directly exposed to electrical safety hazards

Standard Institute is at your side as a leading competence companion for excellence in technical qualification with innovative learning solutions for technical know-how backed by decades of experience. The Electrical Safety Training Program includes a thorough understanding of the OSHA electrical safety requirements, Legal aspects of electrical operations and electrical safety, Low/high/medium voltage operational safety rules & operational procedures, Electrical safety emergency response plan and practices.